Maine Songs

by 117

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    5 songs written during and inspired by trips to Cushing, Maine.




released September 1, 2009

Music written, performed and recorded by Ben Ross. Lyrics co-written by Jenny. Many thanks to Jenny's great aunt (who is both "great" and great!) Lois Dodd ( for room, board and recording space in Maine.



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117 New York

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Track Name: Maine Song
it was a hazy creamy year before i came here
photographs of florida with too much glare
we ran out of things to say and songs to play, we were on our way
waited around on those 95's up there

it was so quiet i couldn't sleep at all
puppy heart about to burst
vitamins were working in reverse

so many stars I thought I was gonna fall
off the earth and into space
I bit my lip, my muscles ached

a wise woman said
say goodbye to time and pride, let your cell phone die,
get sick and stay in bed

slow down my man, breathe oxygen
butterflies sililoquize on your window ledge

blood drugs amps guns cigarette i don't care
this is where the earth turns fair
lungs gums suntan crazy man devil's hair

If you're gonna speak you better make it clean
make it worth the broken silence, make it what you mean
make a fist around the crayon, choose a point on the horizon
set to the page, forget how to spell your name

blood drugs amps guns cigarette i don't care
this is where the earth turns hazy creamy years a shade more clear

mashed up mantis on the roadside
frightened bird under the roof
a cripple in summer dress
two black labradors beneath the moon
Track Name: The Osprey
“The Osprey” by Jenny Blankenship.

And so he
wandered alone and forgotten forever / the osprey
flying low above the water / darting the crenels of the
waves and the sound / always crashing against his
heart / He could spy all the little silver fish swimming
out of reach / How his eyes hurt to watch their bodies
shiver beneath / The storm is coming to my vagrant
lover / though he never sees my on the shore / holding
the unwritten poems of children never born / I look in
my hands in resignation at my side and decide / I am a
warrior as much as any man can describe / And all
lovers should be beholden of the gods in our eyes /
Can I hop from stone to stone in this lonely cove /
mimicking the giant spread of wings threading
arches up on high? / He will dance through the gusts
in the air and I will / navigate the broken rocks with
my steady feet / My friend, the osprey and I, we will /
discover asthenia someday, in wings and knees /
for there is no difference between this bird and me /
We will drown together in this sea and there will be
no more dancing / We will return what we learned
of Beauty / in the form of blood running into water /
which will be fed to the poor men with red-stained
lips / the alcohol of love quickening their pulses and
burning them to their wicks.
Track Name: The Last Lines of the Universe
If my eyes are water why don't they wash away the things I've seen?
Drip, drip, drop, the tears don't wash my face and I can't sleep

No, I can't sleep, for even in my sleep I listen to the beast
No, I can't sleep, I fear the last lines of the universe will appear

If my eyes see darkness why do I stare all night at white and red?
White gauze and a red, red floor, please give me your hands, my friends

No, I can't sleep, for even in my sleep I listen to the beast
Baby, I can't sleep, I see the last lines of the universe appear
No, I can't sleep, for even in my sleep I listen to the beast
Baby, I can't sleep, I see the last lines of the universe
Drip, drip, drop down your sleeve

*Based on the poem "The Last Lines of the Universe" by Jenny Blankenship
Track Name: We Were Pirates in Our Previous Lives
We're Molossian, we are Bull Mastiffs
Kill for family, bleed for our beliefs
Yeah, that sounds real good
But I'm not so sure that I can represent
I'm not so hardcore
We were pirates in our previous lives
We were gladiators
We were canonized and immortalized
In songs that we wrote ourselves

We're not wanted here, we set sail tonight
Our noble breed has been made to fight
We are mercenaries on prescription drugs
There are spiders in the shadows of us
We were pirates in our previous lives
Our pirate ship, our crimson dive
Is under attack, we are skeletons
We are buried with poems and heinekens

I need medicine to sleep
When I finally do I'm a dominatrix in my dreams
And we are all murderers with serpentine eyes
We are dead bodies and the water is high